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Just like every other person that would like to keep touch with their friends and families, soldiers also feel this need. Especially with them possibly risking their life in a different area, it is important for them to have constant access to their loved ones. Through the mail, they can reach their family in the most secure way possible.

To log into your webmail, you have to read all the conditions and accept the conditions posted. You will then be lead to a login page where you will find a login page for your AKO or DKO webmail, a Help page and another page for FAQs.

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Sources: http://www.army.mil/AKO/

The mail contains AKO, otherwise known as the Army Knowledge Online. AKO is part of The Army Knowledge Management and The Army Transformation. This website is where a soldier can send their messages to their loved ones, receive their messages and do many more. They will also be able to manage and organize their messages and at the same time, they can create a phonebook with a list of their contacts and email addresses of regular recipients of the soldiers emails. With this mail, they can access their mails as securely as possible.

Aside from accessing their email, using the webmail will also allow them to access the internet, thus receive information about their subjects, news about the army, and informative links on travel, training details as well as gain access to knowledge centers anywhere in the army.

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