US Marine Corps uniform store

Since the 19th century these uniforms are the main distinguishing factors of Marines from all the other careers of the United States Armed Forces.

The USMC uniforms are generally categorized into 4 subtypes, each with equivalent functions.

1.The DRESS UNIFORM is an elaborate uniform used for formal and ceremonial occasions. It is further classified into 4 categories:

  • First, the BLUE DRESS is considered as a formal wear and is equivalent to the civilian black tie. This is the uniform most often seen in recruitment advertisements.
  • Second, the BLUE-WHITE DRESS served as the authorized summer dress code.
  • Third, RED DRESSES are the authorized USMC uniforms of the band.
  • Lastly, the EVENING DRESS is the most formal and only used by officers.

2.The SERVICE UNIFORM made of green and khaki colors for off-duty calls, primarily used for business purposes.

3.The UTILITY UNIFORM typified by digital camouflage is used for combat and field work.

4.The PHYSICAL TRAINING UNIFORM is used during periods of skill enhancement.

This uniforms differ from that of the military in the sense that Marines do not wear berets. Additionally, instead of having the American flag as patches to the sleeves, marines use shoulder sleeve insignias and service tabs.

These uniforms are generally available at USMC uniforms store. Generally, these stores are found at active Marine Corps bases which are listed at the Marine Corps Community Service website. You can also check online in store. Local surplus stores and garage sales offer such items as well.

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